Thursday, June 21, 2012

Three Things I've Noticed At the Beach

Spending your last working days (for the time being) on a beach vacation isn't a bad way to go. I've learned how to smoke a brisket (see yesterday's post), I've rediscoverd the feeling of sand in places that my doctor won't even examine, and I've discovered a few true-isms. All in all a very productive trip.

Truth #1: The Emergency Dental Business Could Thrive Here
How come when you look at the beach-realted businesses you only see ice cream parlors, purveyors of cheap t-shirts, and mini golf places? How come the emergency dental business doesn't get in on this racket? There has got to be a least one or two chipped teeth per square foot of beach per day. With all that sand getting on everything and then in your mouth; forget about it! Who is there to fix my enamel so I can go back to opening bottles of bud light with my teeth? Don't you see the gold mine that awaits those who are willing to uproot their practice and resettle down here on Ocean Blvd?

Truth #2: Get the Sand Out of My Kid's Eyes
We pump a lot of money into this economy (well not me...see unemployment above...but my family and in-laws sure do!), how come there aren't more water fountains and beach showers available?I have a young child who of course gets sand in his eyes from playing on the beach and in the water. Why is it that I have to take the cold water that I lugged all the way from the house and want to drink and use it to wash out his eyes. Surely the municipality could supply a fresh water source for the aforementioned problem. At the very least can the opthomological industry make more of an inroad to the beach? You guys could team up with the the dentists and open a joint practice!

 Truth #3: When You Most Need a Frozen Drink...
...the blender will be in the dishwasher.

Until Next Time....stay thirsty!

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