Monday, August 27, 2012

Sick Dogs and Presidential Dances

Its finally clearing up. My sneezing, aching, and most of my snot is packing up it's toys and heading elsewhere (most likely to Mrs. Bloggerman or Bloggerman Jr.). It's been one hell of a weekend as I've not only had the cold to deal with but also had to navigate a family wedding out of town. Today only leaves a hacking cough and a bit of medicine head (in and of itself an achievement since I haven't taken medicine since last night).

But when I say, "I'm as a sick as a dog" what does that really mean?  I don't really mean I'm as sick as the dog. Trust me, I've seen her sick, when you get to that point it's less "can I have a treat" and more of "shoot me now please."  As it turns out the phrase dates back to the 17th Century and evolved because our former British overlords use the term "sick" to refer to vomiting (instead, using "ill" to describe not feeling well). Add that to dogs then (and now) eating pretty much anything that comes into their eyesight and promptly throwing it up. So "Sick as a Dog" refers to actually vomiting much like your pooch. Hopefully you're not also eating the avoidance too!

Issac has departed Florida and in it's place the Evil Empire (Republicans) have rained down on the greater Tampa area. Its that time again and as the GOP convention starts up it's not only the hotels and restaurants that are gearing up for the extra business. When men of power and lots of money come to town, strip clubs also find a bump in sales. And to that end, the clubs of Tampa aren't letting an opportunity go by with out dipping their (high heeled stiletto) toes in the action.

The Doll House club in Tampa is offering a two night special featuring "Nailin Paylin". They are calling it "The Presidential Undress". How great is that, you can cast your vote limiting women's rights and then see them dance naked on your lap. It's exactly how Jesus rolled!

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