Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Stink Bug Invasion

Uncle! I give up. I tried ignoring you, I tried letting you be, and I've even spared your life on many an occasion that I had the chance to flush you down the toilet or smack you flat against the wall.

So what's the deal with migrating your way I to my car today?

All the dog and I wanted was to go on a nice afternoon hike and take in the fall foliage. But it appears you stink bugs were having your centennial family reunion up on Sugarloaf Mountain.

I understand the convention you were holding with the ladybugs and other flying insects up at the peak. I get it. Every bug needs his or her day, but why move down into the parking lot and further into every crevice of my car?

Why not choose the blue Volvo next to me? They would have  brought you to a nice home with lots of food and plenty of carpet to hide in and pass the winter away.

No, you chose my ride and I will have to spend 20 minutes in the parking lot outside of Starbucks knocking you out of everything. To add insult to injury I won't hold back my rage when I stomp the life out of you.

It's too late to make it up to me now. I only hope your story can be a cautionary tail for others who may try to take advantage of my loving nature.

1 comment:

Stacy said...

do not, under any circumstance, crush them. the smell they emit when crushed makes more of those nasty bugs come your way. flush them instead!