Thursday, October 25, 2012

Where Was This Four Months Ago

As I sit in bed watching Game 2 of the World Series wishing just one player would steal a base so I can get my free Doritos Los Taco I have some time to think.

As I finish my fourth month of unemployment (thank you nice people of Virginia for paying me for nothing) I marvel at days like the last few and what's coming up tomorrow.

Even though I spend hours online job hunting, reading up on trends, and writing so many resumes and cover letters that I could make it a profession, I just haven't had a lot of luck in getting past that pesky first door.

But it seems last week as one door was rudely slammed shut, another opened. And that continues this week as one call after another is a new employer looking to get some time with me. Alone tomorrow I have 3 calls and one in person meeting set up.

This is all fine and good and with my skills and a little luck this will pan out into a new job, which is after all the whole point to this endeavor but I want to know where all this has been? Why is it all coming in droves now? I'm very appreciative but I've been struggling to keep up my positive outlook all this time.

I'm not complaining but I needed a post for today and thus is on my mind. Deal with it.

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Lynn Mathis said...

I once got an emailed "we've decided to go with another candidate" rejection letter from the person they hired instead of me. I pictured it being her first assignment on her first day, to reject the other girl.