Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Whole Point of Social Media

is to learn about great experiences your friends have had so can do the same...so here it goes:

You probably already know this but Southwest Airlines rocks. Their customer service is well known already and has garnered much attention in the blogsophere. But if you've flown them (especially since they went to the numbered seating line instead of cramming into the the three gate corrals) you already know how they differ from other airlines when it comes to friendly staff and an enjoyable experience. It would be perfect if they could do something about airport security but that's another story.

Back in Spring we took little Bloggerman to Florida to enjoy Spring Training. On the way back the bag that was carrying his car seat got cut up a little. The Southwest bagagge counter was not intersted in hearing the story but when I took it to the Twitter their Customer Service Team jumped into action and gave us $200 in vouchers.

Fast forward to today when the Bloggerman family is ready to head to Atlanta to visit my inlaws. I go to Southwest's website and get my flights lined up. Back to my email to find the vouchers but....only one of them is there. What??? Yep...only could find one for $100. Am I out of luck?

I call Southwest today and after punching a few options into the phone I get a real person who listens to my story and is able to quickly tell me that she can't help but if I call their Customer Relations Department, they should be able to help me. A new phone number and a few minutes on hold got me "Johnathan". I told him my name and story and he says that he has the voucher right there and he'll email it back to me. Wait...what?  That's it?  I don't need to provide a blood sample or deed to my home?  Score.

This doesn't sound exciting but try the same thing with United or American...chances are if you even reached somebody who works in the US and speaks English fluently you still wouldn't have a good shot at getting that lost money back. At most you might get a free drink coupon...even that would be a stretch.

Speaking of which...does anybody have a few SWA drink coupons I could have? I did say I was seeing my inlaws!

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