Wednesday, January 16, 2013

All These Porta Johns...

And not a bolt cutter to be found. So its a lot of "lookie" and very little "cookie" for me as I ran up and down Capitol Hill this past Saturday.

The setup was already in place for next Monday's inauguration ceremonies. There were bleachers, snow fencing, folding chairs, and temporary lighting was all in place and ready to go. The technicians were out making some tweaks. And the best part was the Port-a-Johns. Oh the Port-a-Johns.

They were lined up for days, miles even. Beautiful shades of blue and green. All fully stocked with toilet paper and hand sanitizer, no doubt. But there's a catch.

Actually it's a lock. Well a lot of them. Each and every unit is locked. I'm not talking about simple plastic zip ties that can be broken with a few good pulls. Nope. These are all pad locked shut. This wouldn't be a problem but even with the jogging stroller a bolt cutter tends to stand out. Plus the added weight will change your mile time something fierce.

So that was the position I was in last weekend. Now of course it would be my luck that whenever I need to "answer the call" I'm always in the middle of nowhere or even worse, in the middle of somewhere without a bathroom. So this time, I'm in the middle of bathrooms and don't have to go.

Such is my luck. Of course last time around I was very grateful for these bathroom offerings. To be that close to the johns with virtually no lines after so much morning coffee was a true blessing. But I was especially grateful that I wasn't stuck in the Purple Tunnel of Doom

Speaking of such it's good to see that organizers are taking precautions this time around but I think it won't really matter. Between a second term and an impending snow storm (don't think it can actually get colder than last time). 

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