Monday, January 28, 2013

What Constitutes Fun?

We learn alot as we age. We learn not to put our hand on a hot stove, women don't like it when you push them out of the way to get to another, hotter girl, at the end of the bar, and our definition of fun changes too.

When you're 10 years old, all you need is a group of friends, a sunny day, and a football and you're set for at least 2-5 hours of running around, cursing a little bit, and maybe breaking your arm. You don't need to plan anything out, just show up and have a good time.

When you're 19, you need some cheap beer (or screw top wine if you're that kind of person), music, and somebody to look out for the cops and it's an instant party

When you hit real adulthood, things change. You're concepts change and certainly what you call "fun" changes.

Let me give you a run down of what I now consider a fun weekend day.

7:05am: wake up...the kid let us sleep in past 7pm ...Hallelujah
8:00am: breakfast of defrosted bagels, leftover qinua with fruit and coffee
8:30am: Skyping with my inlaws. FIL appears unshaven and without a shirt....breakfast ruined
10:00am: out the door and off to Frederick with the wife and kid
10:30am: Costco to browse but we did buy two things that we could have gotten anywhere. Checked gas prices, they are the same as at the station by our house.

11:00am: On a quest for Baltimore Ravens stuff for my SIL/BIL and their kids. We stop at three stores...nothing.
12:00pm Wegmans for lunch. Kid consumes all of his food and half of Mrs. Bloggermans. My Indian leaves a lot to be desired
12:30pm Actual food shopping which isn't much since we're doing all defrosted leftovers this week.
1:00pm All the food goes into the car trunk and since it's 20 degrees out we don't worry about it going bad. 
1:15pm More stores for this superbowl stuff. Mrs. Bloggerman hits a winner at Sports Authority.
1:45pm Back in the car for home.
3:00pm Take dog for walk, only get to listen to half of Morning Edition Sunday on NPR podcast due to technical issues.
4:00pm Arrive home to defrost and sit down to watch some TV. Settle on the Capitals game. I remember why I don't like hockey.
6:00pm Skype with my parents. About as much fun as it sounds like
6:30pm Dinner consisting of leftover Chinese food from Saturday night.
730pm Kid goes up for bath and bed
830pm We go up to watch tv and unwind. I get to see 10 minutes of the Knicks game before treated to an hour of Grey's and some new House Hunter's show about people who I want to punch in the face because they 1) aren't real and 2) really bad actors

See and you thought my day wasn't fun.

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