Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I Don't Know Where the Wings Are Officer?

That is, I don't know where they went after we loaded them onto the back of a rental truck and drove it to my Mama's house. Ok, so the truth is that even the police don't know where $65,000 worth of Tyson's brand chicken wings are but they do have the two guys who took them in custody. I do believe that the cops strategy here is to let them sit for a while and then follow the stench to the storage locker or basement where they are stored.

On the face of it though, this is a brilliant crime. One of those that if I were involved with that element I might be inclined to get in on. Think about it. You have the biggest football game of the year coming up and what do people eat (besides what they are told to by the tv advertising overlords)? That's right, chicken wings, and these guys boosted enough of them to stay full for a week and still make a nice little nest egg selling off the rest. In fact the only thing that would have been smarter (other then not getting caught in the first place) would have been to also boost a truck load of hot sauce.

So to the fans in the greater Atlanta metropolitan viewing area, I'm sorry but not only will your pizza take several hours to arrive but the wings that come with them will be approximately $5 each (wing). You can thank your friends Dewayne and Renaldo.

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