Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Oh Great Wall of Pork, Beef and Turkey

please tell me which of the 700 types of hot dogs I should have for lunch. All I ask is be fair, be consistent and whenever possible, please include bacon.

[insert whirling sound, shaking of room and a "poof" of smoke]

Oh thank you great wall...the Carolina Slaw Dog is a great choice. I shall enjoy it's bacon covering and it's chili topping. I will also enjoy the creamy coleslaw and the dotting of fried onions on top while I amaze at the poppy seed bun that holds it all together.

Yep, that was my first trip to my town's (not-so-newest) food emporium, Great American Hot Dog. Known as GAHD to it's biggest fans (as in "Oh my GAHD!!"), the idea has been around as a food truck on DC's vibrant scene for a while now but has just recently opened more traditional and non-moving doors.

These doors aren't all that impressive. They sit in the far end of an industrial strip center on a side street near the small general aviation airpark. During the week, when the food truck is running there isn't much to even tell you it's there. At least on the weekend the truck gives you something other then cars in mid repair and assorted dumpsters to look at.

But the decor isn't why you come to this outpost. It's all about the dogs. There may not be 700 varieties but the total number does come close to at least touching 100. Thankfully for my already drained mind, when I came in this weekend they were only pushing some 25 varieties. Now as I was waiting for my wiener (yes I've been waiting to say that!) to be cooked I stated to think, "How many is too many?"

If I were eating them, it's an easy answer (enough until I'm full) but because I had to actually select one from their wall menu, even 25 was a little overwhelming. Do I go with a traditional Manhattan (brown mustard and sauerkraut) or get fancy with the Phily Salami Dog (Char-grilled Hebrew National hot dog wrapped in fried Hebrew National salami, topped with mustard and a sliced kosher pickle)? Do I stay local and get a Half Smoke or do I go down and try their take on the Varsity's Chili Dog? Do you see my challenge? This is too much to take in on an empty stomach.

Fortunately, the nice lady behind the counter shouldered the load for me when I asked her for suggestions. She picked the above mentioned Carolina Slaw Dog. She said I should try it because it's a rotating special and doesn't come around all the time. Fine...I like bacon, I like chili, I like coleslaw and of course, I love hotdogs! She didn't mislead me. This thing was damn good. Unfortunately it's also the most expensive one on the menu weighing in at $8.50. That seems a bit high for a regular size hot dog but I did get a Cel-Ray to wash it down so I'll accept that as an omen. An omen for deliciousness.

I will assure you that my very biased restaurant review in today's post will be replaced my usual snarky and slightly intellectual musings the next time you visit.

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