Friday, September 21, 2007

Best of Craigslist?

I've always had a disdain for ticket scalpers (even though I sometimes buy from them) and even more for ticket brokers, but last Friday we tried to get tickets for the upcoming Bruce Springsteen show in DC using Ticketmaster (the king of the rip-offs but the only way the tickets were available). Within 4 minutes of the sales opening, the show was already sold out. And with in 10 min of the tickets going on sale, the scalpers already had them up on craigslist.

Let's take a quick timeout and remember the point of craigslist. It is a community board, where community members can buy, sell, trade items and share thoughts and opinions. The word I want to stress here is COMMUNITY. What community do the people who take a (roughly) $100 ticket and try to sell it back to you for $250 belong to? These are probably the same people who post to the Casual Encounters section with pictures of their "washington monuments."

Back to the action. So here I am very pissed that I've missed out on tickets and that these a-holes already have their tickets up for sale (by the way, I wonder how long tickets would be available if scalpers and brokers didn't exist? You could probably buy tickets for a week.) and I want to take action. So much like I do on the Information SuperHighway I create a "roadside billboard" on craigslist:

Bruce Springsteen Tickets - Not for Sale - $1

Reply to:
Date: 2007-09-21, 10:15AM EDT

A note to all brokers, scalpers, and other A-holes who sold out the Nov 11 show at the Verizon Center in less then 4 minutes on TicketMaster today:

F You!

For those of us who are actually fans of the music and wanted to see the show and now need to pay you huge fees for the tickets you bought with the sole intention of reselling:

I hope you all contact a slow, debilitating disease. Thanks a lot!

I don't know if it was the kid with the middle finger (you may have seen him here) or what but evidently it really appealed to quite a few CL'ers who e-mailed me to share their support and wish me luck in my crusade (I don't know if it's quite that). Here was my favorite:
Best craigslist post ever. I couldn't even get tix to the monday
show... unless i wanted to be in the second to last row of the very
last section...for 95 a ticket. Being from Jersey and having a 'Bruce
connection' (a family member was thrown out of his band
pre-greetings), I am going to have to start making calls and being
that sketchy typical jersey...And did you notice that
people were scalping tickets BEFORE they even went on sale? WTF is up
with that???

I definitely am flagging this as best of craigslist.


Wow! Best of Craigslist....I never really thought about it but hey what the hell. Cast your vote now! You like me, you really like me!

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