Friday, September 21, 2007

why do they bother

Seriously, why do companies even bother with mailing you their "Privacy Policy"? We all know that the only reason they collect any more information then your name, address and phone number is for the right to take that information and sell it to another company who will then either sell it again or market the hell out of you, killing several acres of trees and keeping the USPS in business in the process.

This is the point in time where you say, "well duh, that's the point. But if you take the time to read these agreements (or can afford a few hours of legal bills) you'll notice a clause called "opt out.". By calling a number or visiting a website you can tell the company to "kiss my grits" and they can't sell your info.

I like to do this whenever possible. It's not that I care if they sell my stuff or if I have telemarketers call me at all hours (I rather enjoy pissing them off - see next post), but I really like to tell them, "not only can you not sell my name to another company, you can't share it with your parent company either." Long and short of it, I like making other peoples lives just a little bit harder. That is my lot in life and I'm content.

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