Friday, September 21, 2007

Hold On, let me put my brother on!

Those of you in the know might recognize this post's title as the punchline in a phone call comedy recording by Jim Florentine and a few others of the Crank Yankers crew. It happens to be one of my favorites and I try to use it whenever possible.

Here's a quick overview (I'm working on getting the video). A telemarketer calls and begins their pitch. The person who answers the phone then interrupts and says, "hold on, let me put my brother on the phone.". This goes on and on for as long as the telemarketer will stay on the phone. It can either be one person changing voices for each "brother" or several people.

Why am I telling you this? Usually the answer would be "to tick you off enough to put your chair through the computer (or me) but this time its because of a call that I got last night from a telemarketer doing a survey. I kept her on the phone for over 3 min (a new personal best) last night and the best part was that she didn't even get past her first question!

Maybe I should allow them to sell my information.

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