Monday, February 25, 2008

A few thoughts about that tall gold guy

Only a few quick thoughts on last night’s Oscars:

1. Don’t give the best actress award to a movie that nobody has seen. I’m blown away that they would let the award be given to Marion Cotillard for her performance in “La Vie en Rose.” Not only have I never heard of the movie but I can guarantee that at least 90% of the voters hadn’t heard of it either. Once again the best acting performance went right by the “professionals” and didn’t garner an award. Ellen Page for her role in “Juno” was hands down the best and she didn’t need to over dramatize her role to make it work…hint to Cate Blanchet.

2. If you are going to go to the Oscars, at least have somebody look at you before you leave the house. These “stars” have no sense of fashion or even common sense. Although I didn’t watch any of the red carpet specials I did catch this fancy number from Tilda Swinton.

Sweetie…um…either no arms or two arms of fabric ok? If she was going for the androgynous david bowie-esq look, she certainly achieved!

3. Let the technical people speak. When the award winners for technical achievements (sound editing, writing, etc) are called, they a) usually are more then one person winning and b) get less time then the actors to speak. Actors seem to go on and on while the music comes up 5 seconds into the first technical person speaking. The rest of the “team” doesn’t get to say anything. I’d remind the “stars” that without the technical team, you wouldn’t even be up for nomination. Don’t believe me? How about that the sound team on the “Bourne Ultimatum” won 2 awards while the actors weren’t even nominated? Even a stinker like “Transformers” got technical nominations.

4. When you do the video montage showing all previous years’ Best Picture award winners, go right into presenting the Best Picture award. Don’t (as was done last night) go into honoring the best sound mixing or song or whatever unrelated award.

5. Finally, I thought Jon Steward did an “OK” job last night. He was never 100% on, but he certainly did his best to save a really poorly executed (both written and technical) telecast.


Beth said...

I think one should ask said Blogger, "HOW MUCH OF THE SHOW DID YOU ACTUALLY WATCH?".

Bloggers wife may say - -very little!

Stefanie said...

THE BLOGGER'S WIFE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


David said...

Lisa says: "Bitch is the new black."