Monday, March 3, 2008


Good morning. I want to appologize for two items as they relate to thi fine piece of literature you so love to read.

First, I'm sorry for not
posting more frequently. I have resolved to work very hard to post something new each day (Mon-Fri).

Secondly, I want to draw attention to a bit of spam on this site. It appears that some major league a-holes have "posted" comments to recent entries that contain spam filled links. I have always felt that this site should allow the free and open exchange of ideas, even if most of that exchange comes in the form of criticism of Blogger man. I don't edit comments or remove them if I don't agree. However, since these idiots want to spam me, I will delete them. So with that, please don't click on their links if your not sure of the content and again I'm sorry.

PS: I'm writing this on the berry from the airport so I also appologize for spelling and punctuation "abnomolies".

Bloggerman OUT!

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