Monday, March 3, 2008

To Ski or Not to Ski: Part One

Chillin here at Logan airport, looking out at downtown with a cup off coffee at my side. I'm waiting for my flight back home and reflecting on my weekend. I think I'll need a few days just to detox but that's my problem not yours.

I won't go into all the details as some will have to remain classified but this should serve as a general overview.

After a great morning course (even though the coat rack fell under the weight of the coats) I raced through a few remaining details at the office and raced off to BWI to catch my flight. This is kinda where the fun begins. After cruising through security and getting a little snack, I settled in for a little wait before my flight. As I sat there I thought I should put my license and credit card back into my wallet. Uh, where did I put my license? Oh it's not in my pocket, it must be in my bag or jacket. No. Damn, where is it? We're starting to board. I raced back to the security desk to see if someone might have turned it in. Nope. The agent said I could call a lost and found number in the morning. I ran back to the gate (the last person to board) while calling Mrs. Blogger to find out how to get a new license. By the way major props to her (I love you Honey!) for getting me an e-mail with all the info within 5 min of me calling her! So as I sit in my seat, trying to cool down and on the phone trying to cancel my credit card, I feel a small lump on the sole of my shoe. Sure enough, there they are!

Once we landed, I picked up the bags and met up with BB to go get the rental van.

This is the part where I need to have an open letter to Alamo. When customers rent your cars during the winter months, you should equip all vehicles with ice scraper/snow brush and plastic floor mats as a general courtesy. When we picked up the van the mirrors were so iced over I couldn't even move them to adjust my view.

Once we got moving and the call from GG that he landed. We swung by and picked him up and headed north to Vermont. A quick stop at Chilli's for a to-go quesadilla for dinner and we're good to roll. By the way, they don't offer booze on the to-go menu!

After 3 hours we make it up to the house and meet up with the rest of the guys who made it up earlier. The house is amazing! Think of it like a combo between a log cabin and a frat house! Special props to Billy and the rest of the folks at "B House" for hosting us! I found an open bed in the "bunk room" and headed down to the bar for a few beers.

Read the next post for more of the story.

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