Monday, March 10, 2008

One Year with our Dog

I wanted to commemorate the Mooks one year anniversary at her place of residence. When we went to the adoption fair last March, we had no idea she would have become a part (indispensable at that) of our lives.

When we went down to look at “Maggie” and had such a negative experience with her, we figured we were going to go away empty handed and go back to the internet to look at new family members, but in the next crate was that blue-eyed beauty, “Obi”.

Fast forward one year, a new sofa, and loads of stuffed animals (some still with their heads intact) and we couldn’t imagine life without her.

I do want to complain that as of late I haven’t been able to sleep with my legs straight out as she has taken to curling up in a ball at roughly knee-height forcing me to also curl up into a ball. Good for a 41 pound dog, not good for a 164 pound human.

Oh that reminds me…down to 164 (22 total weight loss since starting the “plan” and 32 since Mrs. Blogger started).

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