Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Troops to Teachers: A Good Idea?

You’re damn right it is! As you can read here there is a proposal being considered by Anne Arundel (a suburban DC county) to adopt a program which essentially supports returning military personnel and their families in becoming certified as an educational professional in the community.

Not only is this great for the troops who have served so bravely for this country by giving them a new career path and transition back to civilian life but also for the local municipalities. These school systems are in desperate need of smaller classroom size and more individual attention as well as dedicated educators who really love what they do and who really care about the children (remember them…who will think of the children??).

Although I shouldn’t be swayed by media portrayal of the going-ons overseas, I can’t help but notice the interaction between the troops on the streets of Iraq and the children whom they encounter. Most are caring and sweet, always offering candy or a soccer ball (unfortunately never offering the kids a chance to shoot a few rounds off!). These are the qualities we want in teachers, the qualities that make schools better, and the qualities that produce better and stronger children.

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