Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Uh…Is that a chicken on the side of the road??

Or are you just explosively happy to see me? I’m not sure of the answer but I did stumble upon this nugget in the news today and I wanted to share:

Conn. police find pipe bomb stuffed inside chicken

SIMSBURY, Conn. (AP) — Authorities in Connecticut are wondering who stuffed a raw roasting chicken with a pipe bomb and left it on a roadside.

Simsbury police Capt. Matthew Catania says a motorist noticed the chicken Friday morning. He says the bomb was large enough to harm a person if it went off.

The road was closed while the Hartford Police Department's bomb squad came and blew up the chicken.

Nobody was injured. No arrests had been made Monday night.

The Hartford Current added,

In its recent history, Simsbury and local residents have had their problems with hungry black bears, roaming coyotes and escaped emus. Now town folks can add store-bought chicken, stuffed with a bomb, to the list of odd animal incidents.
With the chicken and bomb taken care of, police are left to investigate who's responsible for the strange incident.

Police Capt. Matthew Catania would not describe the bomb Monday, but said it was "capable of causing harm to a person."

This gets me thinking…first who has enough time on their hands to stuff a bomb into a chicken (Frank Purdue we’re looking in your direction) and who would want to go through all the trouble? I also want to know what the cop meant by “capable of causing harm to a person.”? Did he mean the bomb or the raw chicken? Just wondering.

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Jason said...

Nice - Way to made remarks about Frank Perdue, who has been dead for a few years.