Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Did Fox News Get it “Right”?

Driving home from the weekend of fun (recap with pictures coming tomorrow), Mrs. Bloggerman and I decided to find out what had happened in the world over the last few days by tuning the radio dial. Truth be told, we were looking for a traffic report explaining why we were sitting in the state of Delaware for 45 min and not moving. (It should only take 30 min to drive the entire state!). It turns out that we found a Fox News affiliate and we heard of the tragic story of the church shooting in Tennessee.

In the report, Fox gave us the details on the incident, including “sound” from the local police and witnesses. However, what shocked us was how they ended the report with “the possible reason” for the attack. “The church supported ‘Progressive Causes’.”

Wait a minute! Progressive Causes?? Are they (Fox) insinuating that this guy would actually attack and shoot up a church (during a children’s play)?? He would attack this church because his political beliefs were different then the congregation?

My bad, the next day it looks like the Right Wing nut jobs over at Fox might have been “right”.

But this brings me to the next logical (sorta) step; “Why do ‘Right’ Wing Conservatives take up arms and shoot “Liberals”? This isn’t the first time either. Think about MLK, JFK, or Kent State University. How come Liberals never shoot up conservative gatherings? Not that I would condone such behavior or advocate it for that matter but...would it surprise you if one of these days a group of gun-toting drag queens from the East Village broke down the door of Oral Roberts University and started picking off anybody who ever listened to Limbaugh or O’Riely.

Tranny Fierce!


RayRay said...

The reason the Right goes after the left and does the job he/she set out to do is two fold.

1.) There is training involved and forethought that would allow for a successful conclusion to the task at hand.


2.) The left is too busy stagnating the nation and adjourning for vacation rather than work towards solving the woes of this country to get out of the way of an idiot or too consumed with self righteousness to pull their own gun fast enough to defend him/herself.


RayRay said...

That being said a little revolution is a good thing every now and again don't you think?