Monday, February 9, 2009

Fiber One. Why?

First, I have been offline for a few days thanks to a 24 hour bug that has been cutting its way through my circles and ended up dropping its full payload on yours truly. Thankfully I'm back so no worries. Now back to your regularly scheduled program.

Oh you are a cruel, cruel mistress!* Why do you tempt me with you chocolatey fibery goodness when you know I can't partake in you gooeyness?

That might be a slight exageration, I can partake in my favorite morning snack but I don't enjoy the reprecussions of an ingredient used in the batter. It turns out that the chickorey used in making fiber one bars can be a leading contributor to exteme stomach pain and even unearthly flatulance (think of a whoopy cusion factory being hit with a wrecking ball full of burning-hot, rotting skunk carcuses).

But they are so good, plus we still have half a case left. Does anybody out there want them (overnight and priority shipping options are available)? I can't eat them but I can't part with them either...what a cunundrum!

Can you believe that this is the biggest problem I can think of today? Its kind of sad ain't it?

*dont worry ladies they are not my real mistress, that roll is spoken for. Thanks Stef!


Stefanie said...

As said mistress....I have a huge issue being mentioned in the same blog as "exteme stomach pain and even unearthly flatulance".

Jason said...

Stef - In his world, that the highest compliment.

Stefanie said...

That's so sad.