Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dry Like You’ve Never Dry-ed Before

1 Switch
1 Knob
5 Wires

And one fixed dryer, all at the hands of quite possibly history’s second Jewish plumber (Jesus’ brother Frank was the first).

Yep, I did it. Well I, along with the help of the nice lady from Sears appliance/parts order line who took my information, the part I needed (GE…even though they generally only sell Kenmore) and even told me how I could save on shipping.

Let me back up and tell the story from the beginning. When Mrs. Bloggerman and I bought this death trap we call a house the washer and dryer conveyed from the previous owners. The only catch was that the dial on the dryer that controls the temperature was missing and part of the post that holds the knob on was broken off. At the time of the contract we complained and the sellers gave us $100 to fix the problem. We never did because, well because, there were more then enough things we had to deal with between moving to a new state and having to figure out how to live with a backyard for the first time in years. Whenever we needed to move the dryer off of “high” a pair of needle-nosed pliers always did the trick and since we rarely had to do this all was fine.

However one day, yours truly, decided to turn the heat down to low to dry a bed spread and when I took the pliers to turn the heat back up, the remaining section of the “post” snapped off leaving me with a dryer stuck permanently on “low”. It wasn’t the end of the world but in order to get our clothes dry we had to put them through the cycle twice which wasted untold amounts of money on gas and electric.

So this had to be fixed. After doing some reading on the world wide interweb I found the screws that needed to be unfastened to get to the control panel and then found the part that was bad. I started researching some prices that ranged from $40 to $70 but most places I looked the switch (black thing with the wires). Enter Sears to the rescue. As mentioned above they stepped up to the plate and were very customer friendly over the phone. Once the order was placed I immediately received an e-mail with an order confirmation and tracking info for the shipment. They were so good that the order actually arrived a day early.
So armed with the parts I needed, a camera, and a fairly solid knolwdge of elctrical circuts (from watching all that Fraggle Rock) I set out to fix this sucka!
Broken Part New Part Wiring is complete The Finished Product

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