Thursday, April 2, 2009

An Extra Slice, The Air Card, and Happy Hour

It’s not that I need an extra slice of pizza or even that I asked for it. Quite the opposite I only really wanted one (plus the cup of soup). The second piece they put in my takeout box was a nice surprise but it really threw off my entire lunch plan. So instead of warming up with the soup (I left my jacket at the office) and then following through with the tagny-ness of the sauce on the pizza, I had a small sip of the soup and then chased it with two oily slices. I guess I shouldn’t complain, I mean it IS free food and what would happen to this world if I passed up free food. It would be kind of like turning a real-life donkey wheel!

I’m also ticked at Verizon’s wireless access software. I set it up on my work computer last month for a new “air card” that we were given for internet access when we’re off at training courses or other events we host out of office. It worked great and I was able to get a lot of work done while the classes were going on. The other day someone I know (JB) told me about “tethering” my BlackBerry using the same software. I tried it and very worked. It’s quite a bit slower then the air card but a great “back up” in case I don’t have the card with me. However when I tried to change back to using the card, the computer all of the sudden can’t find it. How is it that Verizon sets up this software so you can only have one device on it? Wouldn’t it naturally make sense to have several devices installable and then just choose the one that best suits your needs? I know this is ticky tacky because after all, I was able to get internet access but it was really slow.

Thanks go to Zack for setting up an AV-Alumni Happy Hour yesterday at the Big Hunt. I had a great time and it was real cool getting to see some of my old coworkers. The bartender however was a bit of a prick and I don’t really understand how my two beers added up to almost $10 during happy hour but again I’m splitting hairs here. The beers were cool though as I started with Bad Ass Amber and then went to Arrogant Bastard. It occurred to me that these names could all be taken as insults when shouted to the bartender. That might explain the high bill.

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