Thursday, May 7, 2009

Facebook Birthday Phenomenon

Wow tomorrow is your birthday? Cool. I’m glad that the big guy upstairs (Fat Tony who lives on the 5th floor) invented Facebook. Now I don’t have to remember when anybody’s anniversary of their birth is. This computer doohickey tells me. Cool!

And you know what’s even better then that?

Well Dos You?

Ok settle down spaz, I’ll tell you. You don’t even have to call them. Just write on their “wall” and you’re golden.

Well not golden. As a friend of mine was commenting to me the other day, since when did writing on somebody’s wall replace a phone call? Now it just happened to be this person’s birthday recently or else I doubt this conversation would have come up at all.

Really. I mean it’s nice if you don’t really want to talk to the person or you’re a comfortable associate at best but if you’re a friend (or even worse a family member), why can’t you take a few minutes to pick up the phone?

I will admit that I’m also guilty of this new interweb phenomenon and I didn’t call said friend but in my defense her jealous, facebook-hating, husband (who may or may not have a legal firearm) may have answered and I really didn’t want to have to go down that path.

It’s just one more thing to think about people. Now get out there and tell me what’s in the box?

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