Tuesday, May 5, 2009

How Did I Miss THIS?

The Force was clearly not with me yesterday. Had my Midi-chlorian count been higher, I may have had the foresight to post this yesterday and yesterday’s “Cinco de Mayo” post today. Oh well....on with the story.

Star Wars Day is May 4th.
What? You didn’t know about this?

Dollars to donuts (or pounds to crisps) my British readers knew it and were probably a bit upset I didn’t allude to this yesterday. That’s because the holiday started in the UK. But it’s slowly starting to cross the pond and catch on here in the States.

There are cakes (and the subsequent wrecks) to celebrate as well as the forces of good and evil showing up at a Pawtucket Sox game. Leah looks like she’s had a few to many spaceburgers but Chewy looks good in his jersey. It might have been a bit more appropriate had the stormtroopers and Vader been wearing Yankee hats but I guess you can take what you’ll get.

Even our friends out on the west coast have jumped in California also has it’s own Star Wars Day, proclaimed on May 25 1997 to honor the 20th anniversary of the release of the original movie (ep 4).

BTW, incase you’ve read all the way to this point and are wondering why May 4th is Star Wars Day (as opposed to July 26th or October 2nd) is because somebody liked to say “May the Forth be with you” which quickly became the “May the force be with you”. Get it? Nope neither do I .

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Kate said...

Thanks for the link. I got lots of responses to my question on whether my kids were old enough to get into Star Wars. The answer seems to be yes -- so they can look forward to watching soon!