Monday, May 18, 2009

Four Hours? Yeah Right and Got Headphones?

Four Hours to run a marathon? Yeah right. Four hours, you can kiss my grits! I just got back from (surprisingly scenic) Wilmington, Delaware where I kicked the ass of the Christiana Healthcare Delaware Marathon (the only marathon held in the state of Delaware) in a mind numbing three hours and fifty-two minutes. Sure it was raining, windy and when I finished I had blood on my shirt in the vicinity of my right nipple but I pushed through all that and just kept running. And do you know what the best part is? Go ahead…ask. Ok, I’ll tell you. The best part is that I was starving right afterward and gorged on ice cream sandwiches, pizza, and “no juice” added fruit punch. Actually the best part was the Mooks and the Wife cheering me on along the way. There’s nothing like a dog’s kiss to keep you going from mile to mile. Thanks!

The second part of today’s post. Spend $20 and get a decent pair of headphones! You…by the doors to the train today….I don’t want to hear your music! You can spend hundreds of dollars on an iPod and hundreds of more dollars on crappy music downloads but you can spend twenty bucks and get some ear buds that don’t require me to hear every word and every note of the latest Rihiana track being pumped into your eardrums? Look I recently needed a pair for my MP3 and went over to Best Buy. I spent twenty bucks and got a pair of Sonys. I can turn the volume up to 20 and not hear a thing when their not in my ears. Hummm? Look I don’t bother you with my crap and you don’t bother me with yours. Deal?

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