Tuesday, May 12, 2009

½ Marathon? Check. ½ Dozen Donuts? Check.

I’ve been talking about it and now I’ve done it. 13.1 miles and 6 Krispy Kreme Original Glazed donuts later I’ve completed what started out as a joke but ended up an adventure.

Ok maybe not so much of an “adventure” as a fairly stupid stunt but the bottom line is I did it.

Some of you may remember back to my posting on the Krispy Kreme Challenge race in North Carolina. Run 2 miles, eat a dozen donuts and run back 2 miles. Well after e-mailing a few times with the race directors/creators of that little jaunt, I decided to try my own spin on things. It didn’t help that my friends and some medical professionals (and by that I mean doctors on late night TV who weren’t even referring to me) egged me on. If there’s one thing I can’t stand down from, it’s a challenge involving food and drink.

Bottom line. Roughly 1200 calories taken in while running 13.1 miles. If you figure that I burned about 100 calories/mile then I came out ahead by 100 calories. Wa-hoo. 100 calorie packs all around.

So go ahead and look at the video of my documentary feat (or feet as the case may be). I want to thank everybody for their support but in particular, my wife, our friend who came with us to the race, and our other friends who loaned me their Flip camera (everybody should have one of these). I also want to thank the lady at Krispy Kreme who pointed out that even though I only wanted a half dozen that I could have had a full dozen for about the same price. I didn’t take her up but it was still nice for her to offer.

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maryjanejeff said...

Come clean. How many times did you puke during the race? I heard zero.