Friday, May 29, 2009

Was My Waiter Shamwow’s Vince Offer and That’s Rabbi Sista to You!

Happy Anniversary to the wife. She deserves nothing but the best but instead got stuck with me, who intern got stuck with an inherited bad sense of humor and receding hair line so everything is fair an balanced. We also want to thank the ‘rents for the gift which we used last night to go to dinner at a very nice area steak house.

We were treated very well and sat in a booth (as requested) but who comes over to tell us about the menu and take our order? None other then Vince Offer himself! Well, maybe it wasn’t Vince but our waiter, Mike, was about as close as you can get. The only thing he was missing was the headset and the cheap made for TV towel system. That aside, he was very nice and helpful and generally very hard working except for the terrorist fist bump to celebrate when we first met him. Even though he wasn’t really Vince he still sold us a pretty good bill of services so maybe Mike has a career in infomercials. Not really sure where I’m going with this line of discussion but wanted to share.

Well its not Dothan, Alabama but the Jewish community in Greenville, North Carolina are about to welcome Alyssa Stanton into their mix. Alyssa, is about to be ordained by the Hebrew Urban College as the country’s first black, female rabbi. I have to say that not only am I impressed at anybody achieving this status but for such a rarity as a black woman it’s even better (nothing to do with her race except that black jews in general are a rarity). I wish her nothing but the best (as well as a hearty Mozel, Mozel) and I hope she instills pride and a zest for life in her congregants as well.

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