Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away...and PETA Gets a Nod for Marketing

What the frig is with the rain? Stop already! I’m trying to go to the ball game tonight and I can deal with out it

Secondly, a nod to PETA (who we all know I really don’t care for) gets my NobodyLikesAJerk Nod for public relations mastery for this week’s attack of President Obama and his fly swatting technique. Sure it was just a fly and the President did what any of us would do and just took a whack at it. In swoops (pun intended) PETA to tell Obama that there are nicer, more ethical, ways of doing that. As my eyes roll, I still think that it’s a good way to get some free “pub”. So good job PETA...just stay out of my ice cream!

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