Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Turning the White House Black and Where’s the Booze

Well maybe just a finer shade of Gray. I don’t usually use this space to promote things. In fact its usually just the opposite. But I want to make an exception here and tell you about a wonderful documentary (well Part 1 of 2 anyway) that I took in last night and I encourage anybody out there who is interested in how the White House really works to take a look at.

Brian Williams of NBC News did a long form documentary broken up into 2 parts (part 2 airs tonight) that is really something to see. He follows President Obama and his staff all around the White House grounds, into offices, and sometimes even to grab a burger. BTW: why the hell can’t somebody bring the burgers in? Why does he always have to go out. Eh....anyway. Go check out the videos over at MSNBC’s site.

Last night I had a very nice opportunity to sit outside on a warm night and eat Mexican/Salvadorian food with my wife and a good friend. However the night was ruined. No, not by the luke-warm pupusas (which were actually quite good) but rather by the lack of alcohol in our pitcher of margaritas. The pisser in all of this is we didn’t notice until we were getting up to leave when we both looked at each other and realized nobody had even the slightest buzz. I want justice!

That’s go away

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