Monday, August 10, 2009

Family Gatherings and Strange Departures

After a weekend with the wife’s family up in NJ for (unfortunately) for a funeral I’ve learned even more pearls of wisdom and that I’d be a much better person if I could forget them.

Two interesting nuggets to discuss today.

The story of three fish
During the eulogy yesterday the story of three fish was told. Essentially, two young fish go swimming by this old, wise fish. The wise fish says, “How’s the water today boys?” They ignore him and swim by. When the old fish was out of earshot one young fish turns to the other and says, “What’s water?” The point here is that we sometimes are oblivious of our bigger world when we are young and it takes someone with a little more “experience” to help us see the big picture.

Don’t take any fruit from that bowl
When you get together family and friends to mourn (and eat), you will inevitably hear somebody discuss what they want their “final plans” to be. And if you get at least three of these plans I guarantee at least one of them will be “alternative” in nature. Such was the case yesterday.

The plan in was told by a friend of my in-laws who wants to be cremated. He doesn’t want his ashes spread over a ball field or into the ocean but rather made into a glass bowl. This glass bowl would reside in his wife’s house until it was her time to depart. After she was cremated they would have the original bowl melted down and add the wife’s remains to form a new “joint” bowl. This process would pass down from generation to generation. However his wife had other ideas. She was completely against the idea on the basis that one day some family member who had the bowl would decide to just sell it in a garage sale. I understand that she doesn’t want to end up as a $.99 special but she’s feeling better now. I told her we’d keep her at no less then $5.

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