Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday's Complaints: Golf Clubs, Hats, Return Phone Calls

The following is my list of complaints for Monday. Enjoy!

If you are carrying a set of golf clubs into the office (and you don't work in a golf pro shop) chances are very high that you will not have a
productive day. An additional note: you will be even more conspicuous if you are wearing a pair of knickers or goofy hat.

Speaking of goofy hats. If you are some Kramer-esqe hipster doofus, 20-something here is my free advice for the day: leave your grandfather's hat at home. You don't look distinguished, you don't look cool, and you don't look hip with this thing on your dome. And so help you if I catch you wearing one with a feather in the band! I will rip it off your head, light it on fire, and stomp it out!

Return my calls if you want my business. If we e-mail a few times and I say I'm interested in your available meeting space, don't ignore my calls and emails seeking to come for a site inspection. That's one of the quickest ways to turn me off.

Lastly, I want to wish John from Cake Wrecks a speedy recovery from a
sudden and serious sickness while he and Jen were on their book tour in
Dallas. Unfortunately its resulted in the rest of the tour being canceled (including tomorrow nights stop in Bethesda). So get well and get wrecked John.

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