Friday, December 11, 2009

Gee, That’s a Large Picture of the President

Sometimes you notice the strangest things. That is to say, sometimes I notice the strangest things. I was walking into my office building today (Federal Gov’t) and noticed that the pictures of the President and Vice President (hung in all government offices) looked slightly larger then before.

I decided to ask the security officers. The way I see it, they are there all day so they might notice a thing like this. After telling them my suspicions, they confirmed, saying that the pictures were replaced just the other day.

How about that, I was actually right.

This led to more conversation about how the officer would like to know what happened to the smaller picture and how he might want that for his home. I told him that was a bad idea because then President Obama would be looking at him all the time. The guard, who is black, was puzzled and I explained.

You don’t want somebody’s picture on your home wall who is staring straight ahead (unless it’s the Mona Lisa but what you’re doing with a priceless piece of art in your home is another story!). The eyes just fix on yours all day long. Weather its first thing in the morning and you’re enjoying a cup of coffee before heading out the door or late at night when you’re trying to keep the noise down so you don’t wake up the kids...those eyes they are a starin’ right at ya.

Me personally, I like my art ink blot based. That way each time I look at it I can find something different. True that once in a while it will be eyes but the next time it can be a bird or a house or even Al Roker. Wouldn’t that be something.

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