Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Running Out of My Shoes and No Sushi For You

I’ve made a change in my life. I’m not sure it’s a “life-changing” change but it’s big for me. For years I’ve been running almost exclusively in Asics, specifically their Nimbus line. I have gone through at least six pairs (covering four different models) over that time. I love their shoes and they constantly provide me with a highly cushioned ride that allows me to focus on my costuming or eating donuts without having to worry about what’s on my feet.

Yet even with all that, things are about to change. After a trip to my neighborhood Pacers store I am now the proud owner of a pair of Mizuno Wave Creation 11’s (see picture). My running history has a small chapter of Mizuno shoes so this isn’t as earth shattering as it sounds, but it’s been a while and I don’t think I ever had a pair that look as cool as these do! Tonight is their scheduled debut.

Last night’s “quick” dinner at a local Chinese/Sushi place turned into a reminder that if you run a restaurant bring me my food before I ask for the check. When we headed out for a bite before tackling the week’s food shopping extravaganza we weren’t surprised to find the place almost empty. Nor were we surprised when our bowls of soup came to our table within a minute of the waiter taking our order. However the almost 30-minute delay between the table being cleared of soup bowls and us standing up and about to walk out because our food had yet to show up was indeed unexpected. I could understand if we ordered a 100-piece boat but our order was composed of a measly 12 pieces. This is not to mention by growing-by-the-second growling stomach. So Tai Shan Restaurant, your score for dinner is FAIL. Looks like we’ll be going somewhere else next time the raw fish bug bites.

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