Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bagel City = Fail

Do you have something personal against me? Do you just pick one phone order per day and toss it in the circular file for the hell of it? Did a group of albino-Albanian-fish mongers break into the store last night and steal my order along with half of the cans of CelRay but manage to evade the surveillance cameras?


Then why wasn’t my order of two-dozen green bagels ready when I walked in today at 630am? Actually let me revise that statement: Why did you not have enough green bagels to fill my order?

I walked in from the dark to be blinded by the bagel light! My order wasn’t even for me. You let down my entire office who had to dine on regular colored bagels, ruining the green theme of our otherwise festive party! You could see the disappointment in their faces as the measly eight green ones you had were snatched by the interloping early birds.

I am deeply disappointed (not in the quality which continues to lack behind your competition) in the ability to keep this customer happy. To paraphrase Mr. Jerry Seinfeld, “You know how to TAKE the order, you just don’t know how to FILL the order.”

1 comment:

Jess said...

I'm glad there were some normal colored bagels. The green bagels freaked me out a little bit. That's just a little much artificial action for me to handle.