Monday, March 15, 2010

It’s Raining Now Go Storm The Court

I’m trying not to let all the rainy weather we had this weekend and this morning get my spirits down as I am trying to make this week a positive and productive one (especially with the NCAA tournament starting on Thursday and productivity going out the window). And even with all the rain, I got a lot done and I’m flying pretty high right now.

The rain this Monday morning however brings back some of my favorite pet peeves during the morning commute, my fellow commuters and their umbrellas of choice. There are as varied a selection of rain protection on a handle as there are NCAA teams left out of the tournament. My personal choice is the standard, compact collapsible model. However some of you opt for the larger “golf” style. Good for you....stay dry and keep your bags dry as well. I applaud your choice of more coverage then you really need. That said, have some FRICKIN idea of where you are walking and those walking around you. I get that your umbrella takes up half a city block...again...good for you. But that also means you should not try to walk past me on the escalator or try to beat me to the last curb space at an intersection. I can see from a distance that you’re nice and dry. I can also see the rain just bead up and roll off the sides keeping all your belongings from feeling the effects of the rain. Now I want you to see me having the same protection, until you bounce off of me and toss your rain water on to my bag and pants. Just stay on your side of the street and I’ll stay on my side. Deal? If you're still not convinced...go check out Ichabod Crane's take on your brazen attempt at bodily injury.

Speaking of the NCAA tournament (and by connection the NIT, or “Loser’s Bracket”), March Madness has officially set in with yesterdays announcement of the top 65 teams in Men’s college basketball. It’s a time of year when work grinds to a halt and employees monopolize the photocopier and the printers making spare brackets for their various pools. Unfortunately that also means that any home court advantages essentially go out the window as teams play on (fairly) neutral courts. This also means that there is no more storming the court by drunken underclassmen when their nationally ranked team beats another nationally ranked team. Or when the court is rushed following a teams 1st win of the season. Thankfully Rick Reilly is here to lay down the laws for “Storming”.

I am proud to say that I have personally observed most of these rules during my four to six years in college and in fact only rushed once...1999: Final game of the season. Shawnta Rodgers hits a game winning 3 pointer at the buzzer to beat Xavier. The win also gave GW the regular season A-10 title. I think the video speaks to the excitement.

Final notes. Thank you to Debbie for the heads up on the rick Reilly Story. Also I will no longer issue mea culpas for lack of current posts. I’m just gonna get back to the business of posting.

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