Friday, March 5, 2010

My 500th You Don’t Give a Damn

Post number 500 and I know that you could care about as much as Jesus actually cares about what Pat Robertson spews from his cornhole on Wednesdays. When I was sitting around trying to come up with something special that would mark this occasion my mind went blank. Then Ms. Bloggerman suggested I take a look at other milestones, in particular 500th blog posts on other sites and take some of their ideas into account.

Most of the 500 posts have been boring thank you-s and oh my g-d I can’t believe it. I’m trying not to go that route. But I do want to Thank the person I most know in need of a razor for his inspiration to start this damn thing and an even bigger thank you to all of the idiots, politicians, athletes, sexual predators (and by extension Chris Hanson), film makers, film fakers, bathroom sign designers, and trash can emptying technicians that provide me with material on a daily basis (even though I’m sometimes lax in sharing it with you)

I also want to point out some interesting milestones (both blogs and otherwise)

My First Post: July 2, 2007

My First Post to complain about something: July 17, 2007
note: there hasn't been another gap in the site's history that long.

Strong Bad’s 200th Email (200 SbE Mails)
It's not a #500 but a great song by the Poopsmith

Georgetown University Hospital’s 500th Liver Transplant

AnquanH’s 500th Tweet
“My 500th Tweet goes out to my nigga @JayWilks Whats good for the weekend brotha man” earlier today

Alex Rodriguez’s 500th Homerun Ball goes for sale
A Rods 500th homerun ball sells for $103,579 which is slightly more money that I've made on this site.

Old World Limited’s 500th Customer
They gave away a free T-shirt...interesting designs.

One of my favorite sites, Cake Wrecks doesn’t even acknowledge it: although a Fetus with an iPod cake is really cool!

J. Otto Pohl over at Otto's Random Thoughts had a great idea. He used his 500th post to ask how many people have read all or most of the posts. In lieu of an actual count he asked how long people have been reading his stuff.

So I’ll close with that. How long have you been reading this fine waste of cyberspace that would serve a wider audience if I filled it with Midget pornography dubbed into Farsi?

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