Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mom and Dad. What did you do?

So I turned on the radio driving home yesterday and I heard about a couple who attempted to enter MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa. They were detained by base authorities and their vehicle was searched. That search turned up several weapons including sniper rifles.

Was it wrong that my first thought was that my parents were under arrest for trying to bust their way on to a military base? Clearly this wasn’t them (they’re much more likely to bust their way in to a matinee) but it was my first thought.

Actually I kind of wanted it to be them. It’s selfish for sure. I mean they would go to prison for a long, long time, but think of me. I’d get to be a media spectacle. I’d have all sorts of news outlets stalking me for interviews and camping out on my lawn. I’d have to come out to the makeshift podium in my parking space with sunglasses on and step to the microphones.

“I don’t know what happened. This is not like them at all. They are good upstanding citizens. They always vote. They were talking about going to a movie at the clubhouse just the other day.”

Etc etc.

Bottom line is I want to parlay this into “The Real House Kids of Washington, DC” or “Real Life Stories of the Children of Federal Criminals”. Basically anything I can wear makeup for.

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Jason said...

I've always said that it is you that needs to be arrested. (yes I told you this in person the other night but now I can share with others)