Friday, July 23, 2010

Damn you Boeing!

Is this what you were hoping to accomplish with your air refueling tanker ads? You couldn't possibly think that key decision makers in the Pentagon that might hear you ads would reverse course and pick your crappy, overpriced plane instead of the Northop/Airbus?

To be fair, I don't have a dog in this race, in fact as long as our military makes the best decision based on cost and quality I'll follow along. But that doesn't give Boeing the right to invade my subconscious!

Yet that's exactly the conversation I had with a topless woman on a boardwalk last night in my dream. For crying out loud, she was topless and I'm stuck listening to her drone on about how your tanker is ready tested and Airbus' isn't. Oh and since I missed out on boobies you will now have to hear me rant.

Your stupid commercial claims that the Airbus isn't proven because they've built them for the Australian military. Really? I had no idea that The Ausies couldn't possibly live up to our standards. How gouache to think that our two countries' standards are even in the same conversation! I mean they use chewing gum and boomerangs to fix their equipment. (If you don't sense the sarcasm seething from my innards you really haven't been reading this blog enough!). But when you begin to tell us about your ready tanker, we never get specifics. How interesting! So if Airbus is only shipping their tanker to Australia, where are you shipping yours? What? You haven't even built one yet? How interesting. So while our troops wait and are using outdated equipment, you're dragging out the process by claiming your competitor is not up to snuff. Yep, classy.

No nudity for me and Boeing no soup for you!

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