Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer is Here and The Living is Easy

No it ain't. Whoever wrote that song must have been smoking that crack rock!

The summer is here in the DC area (again) and to mark the first real day (following July 4th) we hit 100+ degrees. As always, where there's heat, there's humidity too! The air was so thick this morning that when I went for my run (@ 5:50am) I need a knife to cut through it.

The heat I could deal with but the haze and humidity were so bad that even the animals at the zoo in the jungle exhibits didn't want anything to do with it. In fact I'm pretty sure I saw some jimbroni monkey give me the finger as I ran by his cage. On the cool sitings list at the zoo were a snow leopard and a red panda cub I'm not sure why they were digging on the early morning heat but hey, its a free country.

But all this talk about animals got me thinking, I don't understand the way some animals (humans) dress for this kind of weather. On my walk from the gym to the office I saw at least three women in some sort of sweater get-up and at least five guys in full suits (with jacket). What gives? You do realize its friggin hot right? You're not taking part in some sort of covert government experiment where they put an internal colling device under your skin are you? So you're just crazy then?

I had to use my gym towel to wipe the sweat off my brow, just during my. Morning walk to the office, and I'm wearing a light dress shirt! I should have probably thought about accessoriesing with flip-flops today as right now you do not want to get anywhere near my shoes right now.

So sit back, turn off your air-conditioning and welcome to my world!

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