Thursday, February 2, 2012

Global Warming? I Could Live With It

I Could Learn to Live Like This.

It is cheaper than moving to San Diego. It's February 2nd and I could care less about Puxitany Phil, or that 2nd rate groundhog in Michigan.

It may be the fact that when I stepped out of my house at 5am it was 50 degrees. Or it could be that I'm wearing shorts and a t-shirt for a morning run in DC. Whatever the reason, I could get used to this kind of weather.

What I can't get used to is seeing pictures in the paper and stories on the news about people who think it's summer. Girls are out in flip flops (never office acceptable in ANY weather!) and guys are wearing shorts.

People, it may be "unseasonably" warm for a few days, but that a heat wave does not make. It's not summer, no matter how much have you want it to be.

Speaking of weather, I was really hoping that the groundhog wouldn't care about his shadow but instead would turn completely rabid and bite noses, fingers, and eyes out of their sockets. Think of it as a funny hatted masacur. Only one other outcome would suit my sick, twisted sense of humor. When the groundhog sticks his head out the stump, Elmer Fudd (or a reasonable facsimile) blows a 4-inch hole through his skull. Then the barbecue gets lit and we celebrate with Puxitany Phil Fritters.

Although the day is not without its bright spots. One Brad Dwin quipped, "For those of you who missed CNN this morning, I did indeed see my shadow when I walked out of the house. There will be 6 more weeks of unfiltered sarcasm and smart ass remarks." I don't think I could say that any better.