Sunday, April 22, 2012

300 Miles, 1 Will, No Pancakes

Talk about a weekend. I don't even know if I should write about it here because those liberals in Hollywood who are ruining the moral fiber of this country might steal it and use it for the plot line of The Hangover 4 (or whatever number we're up to).

It started off by blowing off some steam I'm Friday after work with some coworkers and drinks after two really crappy weeks thanks to some a-holes in Vegas. I always have enjoyed working with my team but occasionally you hear a story or two during happy hour that gives you new perspective and brings you together as a tighter team come Monday. Downside, Passover is still in effect so no booze for me. In fact some slightly religious (crazy) folks might have thought that g-d was testing me this weekend before the holiday came to an end on Saturday night. Lucky for me, filling up my gas tank on the way home was not prohibited.

Saturday morning, me and the kid are in the car early on our first trip of the weekend down to Crystal City for a long run. The plan was to grab 5-6 miles in before meeting up with the Pacers group for a run up to Eastern Market. I could have sworn when I mapped out the Crystal City loop in the past it was just north of 5 miles but I had to push some turns just to get 4 in. Oh and that was with crossing under Route 1 only to find out that there is no ramp on the other side. Oh no problem stopping my run to lift 45 lbs of Jake and stroller up a flight of stairs.

After heading up to the Market (including my least favorite hill to push the stroller up) I stopped for a latte. It was still Passover so pancakes were out. But as soon as I finished my mind kicked back in and told me I still had a few miles left to go to meet my 15 mile goal. So we headed down to Nats Park and took the metro back to the car.
On the way home we stopped to pick up Mooks' friend Dylan. He does not quite understand that in order for me to drive the car he needs to move out of my seat! Moving almost 100 pounds of lab is not easy. But then we were off for home.
Layer Saturday night we rolled down to Chevy Chase to drop off Jake with his Grandy and Leroy. We were off to met up with friends to both have a date night (no kids!) and to break Passover. We ended up at Black Market in Garrett Park and that meal was a textbook plan for breaking. Beer, antipasta with bruchetta, shrimp with grits, more beer, and top it off with a toffee mouse cake!

Back home to the dogs. Early Sunday morning we piled into the Toaster for a trip to the dog park. Then over to get bagels, then back to the house to drop off the dogs. Finally back on the road to my folks' place for brunch and get Jake. Then we were off to Frederick to drop off some Ragnar posters and visit Wegmans. Our cookie cake in hand we headed back to the house, picked up Dylan and headed back down to drop him off. Then down to Falls Church for our first ever will signing party.

I mentioned that cookie cake (inscription "Good Luck Kicking the Bucket") well it went over very well but not before a quick Depot run for replacement propane to cook up one heck of a steak.

Finally home, my odometer was reading 300+ miles and my tank was teetering on "E". We had a great time with great friends, dogs, and family. Work should be a breeze this week!*

*Editor's Note: this post was ready to go last Monday but due to Congress' lack of ability to combine hearings and not waste more time, I had to tend to other things.

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