Tuesday, November 6, 2012

We have elected an idiot and why I'm giving the NBA another chance

Let's face it it doesn't matter who wins we all loose. It doesn't matter if its Romney Obama or Roseanne Barr, at least half of the country and all the macadamia nut farmers are going to be disappointed. But yet we still keep up this farce of national presidential elections. And because there's nothing that I can do is a single person in America I'm going to talk about basketball

Specifically the National Basketball Association and why I'm giving it another chance this year. Growing up there were not a lot of things I liked better in the winter than turning on the TV to watch a Knicks game. Watching Patrick Ewing power inside the key and John Starks or Trent Tucker shooting it from deep would draw the cheers of a screaming teenager that could be heard all the way upstairs. But as I got older my attention was drawn to college basketball and away from the pro game. Once I got to college my focus is entirely collegiate. Basketball that is. Anytime I started to watch the pro game again the script started to look the same. Give it to the star guard and watch him try to shoot over 5 guys. Passing became a lost skill and the only defense allowed was hack the big guy who couldn't shoot free throws. In other words, boring.

It didn't help that the Knicks became awful and my adopted hometown Wizards were just as bad. So even if I wanted to start watching again, my delicate sensibilities just wouldn't allow it.

But this season I'm looking to grow as a sports fan. That plus I have a free week long preview of the NBA channel on my tv doest hurt either. You know what else doesn't hurt? The fact that the Knicks are already 3-0.

So I've watched parts of two of the games so far as well as part of the Brooklyn Nets (that still sounds cool) and an OKC Thunder game. Let's see if I can keep this up.

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